From Paper to Book



Fortunately there are still a few people with knowledge about historical craft skills. Often there are just the small but important details - a certain trick or a certain movement with a tool - that are critical to the success of the production of a certain product. But too often, this is not documented. These manufacturing processes represent an intangible cultural heritage and should be documented.

Started in Gemany in 2011, the EU-funded Erasmus project "HiTec - Documentation of Historical Techniques" was continued in 2012 in the Netherlands.
Students of the HAWK University of Applied Arts and Sciences Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, the Metropolia University in Helsinki, the University of Fine Arts in Budapest and the University of Amsterdam were able to gain experience in the manufacturing techniques of paper and books.

The project was organized by the University of Amsterdam and took place over two weeks at various sites in Amsterdam and Antwerp. The focus was on the documentation of small-scale book production from papermaking to printing techniques to bookbinding. The traces of the cultural history of books became a signpost in the traditional book city of Amsterdam.


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